Antique Auto Upholstery

I take great pride in recreating interiors and tops for antique and classic autos. It is a real challenge to duplicate the materials as well as the craftsmanship accomplished by the artisans of times past – from both the early cars of the early 20th century as well as foreign and domestic vehicles of the classic era. I have found that by paying attention to details via clues found on original remnants of original materials used in the manufacturing process, researching through photos, etc. from my vast personal resources as well as the particular construction of each type of vehicle, will aid in authentically restoring a project to its original grandeur. By duplicating original build methods and going the extra distance to source and use authentic type materials, these fine works of art will be preserved for future generations.

General Restoration

I attack each phase of the restoration process with the same attention to detail that the original artisans strove for. Whether metal finshing a sheet metal part or a component that will be plated in copper, nickel and/or chrome, each phase begins with researching correct shapes, contours and finishes that may have been altered (sometimes drastically) over the decades since the vehicle was produced. Proper research is key and I frequently consult with my network of marque specialists as well as specific museums and libraries to obtain authentic appearing results. Procuring missing parts is a frequent roadblock to completing any restoration and once conventional sources are exhausted, many times the only answer is to manufacture a needed component from scratch. I have a network of specialty machinists and the wherewithal (skills and specialized tools and equipment) to accomplish this task. I enjoy working with vehicle owners in the restoration process and I encourage their active participation in achieving their particular goals.

Fashion Design

My keen attention to detail relative to all things in restoration (especially in studying fine automotive interiors) has lent my skills to designing and constructing fine custom one-off apparel in leather, suede, silks and other materials. Items are made to the individual’s custom specifications and designs or will be provided by personal fitting and approval of my own design based on a sketch or verbal interpretation. I enjoy the free exchange of thought and collaboration when creating for and sometimes with my clients.


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